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When you lose your case at or before trial, it is not always “game over.” You can likely appeal to get a different outcome. Our appeal attorneys in Michigan will take the time to thoroughly analyze your case to see if the judge made any mistakes that should be corrected.

If you won your case at or before trial, we will help you keep that victory if someone else tries to appeal. However, YOU DO NOT HAVE LONG TO APPEAL! Time is of the essence. Usually, you only have three weeks to file your appeal. If you would like to discuss an appeal with us, please call us at 616.278.0888, email us, or fill out our free consultation form and one of our appeal attorneys will get back to you to answer questions about your case.

Appeals FAQs

Working With Trial Counsel: Writing Services

Our appellate attorneys frequently work with trial counsel, sometimes beginning with significant trial court proceedings, such as dispositive motions, or ghost-writing significant briefs. We are available to second-chair trials, focusing on preserving and arguing legal issues, allowing trial counsel to focus on arguing the merits of the case. Whether the underlying case involves medical malpractice, legal malpractice, or other professional negligence, or whether it’s a business dispute, an issue on behalf of or against a governmental entity, or anything else, we can help.

After the matter is initially resolved at the trial court level, we are available to either appear as appellate counsel or consult with trial counsel about appellate procedure and briefing. For cases in which trial counsel is paid a contingent fee, we have flexible payment arrangements.

To learn more or to discuss your appeal, call us at 616.278.0888 or email us.

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