Deposition Overview

Depositions: An Overview

Let's talk about what a deposition is and why it is important. (And then be sure to read Hoffer & Sheremet's Top 5 Deposition Tips!) Any law firm can offer you an overview of what a deposition is like in medical and legal malpractice cases. However, we’ll go into detail and take the time to describe the most common medical and legal malpractice deposition questions and help you get ahead of the deposition process. Legal and medical malpractice cases require you to come fully prepared for answering questions.

A deposition is defined as “the taking and recording of testimony of a witness under oath before a court reporter in a place away from the courtroom before trial.” Do not be fooled by this rather bland definition; depositions are one, if not the,most important aspect of the litigation process. This is where the attorneys and parties will learn important facts, gain concessions, and judge the credibility of each witness. It sets the stage for settlement discussions and for trial.


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Now that you have an understanding of what a deposition is, read Hoffer & Sheremet's top 5 deposition tips!

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