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Aubri N. Sheremet

Aubri N. Sheremet Attorney

Aubri has devoted her entire legal career to being a trial lawyer, learning the ropes as a prosecutor. In her almost 15-years of practice, Aubri has tried over 50 cases to verdict. With this vast experience that few attorneys today have, Aubri is as comfortable talking to a jury as she is having a cup of coffee with a friend.

Aubri started her medical malpractice career as a defense attorney at a large litigation law firm. However, representing insurance and business interests over human beings did not align with her compassionate calling. She envisioned H/S Law as a different kind of law firm.

Merging her desire to help people with her love of trial work, she directed H/S Law to where it is today. Aubri is a Prosecuting Attorney and leads the Litigation and Trial Team on discovery and trial strategy. She carefully maintains balance between comprehensive discovery and investigation and staying focused on the case theory.

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