Where We Practice

Malpractice Attorneys in Michigan

Hoffer & Sheremet's medical malpractice and legal malpractice lawyers serve clients throughout Michigan in both state and federal courts.

Rooted in Grand Rapids

While we take cases all over Michigan, our home base is in Grand Rapids. Our office is located within minutes of major highways, including 131, 96 and 196. Our office is located at 15 Division Ave South, in the vibrant Heartside District. Our office has a convenient first floor location and is fully wheelchair accessible.


Branching Throughout Michigan

We love our great state of Michigan and take cases anywhere in the state. Michigan is divided into "circuits", with most circuits containing a single county. For example, the "17th Circuit Court" is the circuit court for all of Kent County. Some circuits have more than one county. The 13th Circuit Court consists of Grand Traverse County, Leelanau, and Antrim Counties. We practice in each Circuit in Michigan. We also are licensed to practice in federal court, and take cases both in the Western District and Eastern District.

To read more about what a legal or medical malpractice case is like in your Circuit, find your county on the list below: