Get to Know Our Litigation and Trial Team.

At Hoffer & Sheremet, we pride ourselves on working as a team. We take a team approach to every case. Your case will be discussed at team meetings at least one time each week – no matter what stage of litigation it is in. This allows us to share ideas on strategy and plan what needs to be done to progress your case. Working as a team on each case allows us each to utilize our individual strengths as well as take advantage of group discussion to present your case in the best possible way.

Our Team

Stephanie C. Hoffer

Stephanie began her legal career learning the “behind the scenes” of trial work by working for judges in Kent and Allegan Counties. In those positions, Stephanie was able to observe numerous jury trials and talk with jurors after trial. This invaluable experience awarded her a wealth of knowledge known to few.

Stephanie has dedicated her practice to professional negligence, including medical, legal and accounting malpractice, for over ten years. She began her practice as a defense attorney – defending doctors, hospitals, nurses and lawyers when they were sued. That experience provided additional “behind the scenes” knowledge of the system.

Stephanie now devotes her practice to helping victims of medical, legal and accounting malpractice. In addition to being part of the H/S Law Litigation and Trial Team, where she takes the lead on legal arguments and analysis, Stephanie spends a portion of her professional time doing appellate work.

Aubri N. Sheremet

Aubri has devoted her entire legal career to being a trial lawyer. In her almost 15-years of practice, Aubri has tried over 50 cases to verdict. With this vast experience that few attorneys today have, Aubri is as comfortable talking to a jury as she is having a cup of coffee with a friend.

Aubri started her medical malpractice career as a defense attorney at a large litigation law firm. However, representing insurance and business interests over human beings did not align with her compassionate calling. She envisioned H/S Law as a different kind of law firm. Merging her desire to help people with her love of trial work, she directed H/S Law to where it is today.

Aubri leads the Litigation and Trial Team on discovery and trial strategy. She carefully maintains balance between comprehensive discovery and investigation and staying focused on the case theory.

Emily K. Jaeger

Emily J. is a paralegal on the Litigation and Trial team and serves as H/S Law’s intake coordinator. When you first contact H/S Law to see if you have a medical or legal malpractice case, you will talk to Emily. Emily will ask you questions about what happened to you or your family and when it happened. It always helps to have a timeline ready when you call!

Emily J. also coordinates medical record requests. Obtaining complete medical records is always tedious, but Emily uses her exceptional organizational skills to ensure we always get what we need.

Once your case enters litigation, you will work with Emily to answer written discovery questions and gather documents for production. Emily will also work with you to coordinate your deposition and other important events

Emily E. Eaton

Emily E. is a paralegal on H/S Law’s Litigation and Trial Team. In addition to assisting with intake, medical record requests, and written discovery, Emily serves as the Team’s Expert Witness Coordinator.

At H/S Law, we only pursue cases that we know have merit. The key to that is selecting honest, forthright experts. Emily works endlessly to vet potential experts. She makes sure that you have the right experts for your case.

Emily also assists with calculating damages. Emily will work with you to identify information and documents that help establish your damages. She then works with damages experts to coordinate interviews, depositions, and assembling damages reports. Emily will also work with your health insurer to identify any liens that will need to be reimbursed from your settlement or judgment proceeds.