How Does a Birth Injury Affect Later Life?

Perhaps the most tragic aspect of a birth injury is the fact that the victim never gets a chance to live a normal life. From the very moment they come into the world, the infant suffers from health issues. These issues often continue well into adulthood, and in many cases, patients die knowing that their entire lives could have been better. How exactly does a birth injury affect later life? What kinds of birth injuries are most impactful on a child’s adulthood? Perhaps most importantly, how can you pursue compensation for a birth injury in Grand Rapids?

 Birth Injury


There are many forms of birth injury that can lead to permanent disfigurement for victims. Examples include scalpel scars, forceps marks, fractures that do not heal properly, and many others. It is also worth mentioning that pregnant mothers can suffer disfiguring scars and other injuries as a result of botched births.

Disfigurement is considered a “non-economic injury” due to its capacity to cause issues related to self-esteem. Infants who grow up with disfiguring birth injuries may always feel like outsiders. Due to the nature of their injuries, they may struggle to fit in with others, gain employment, and form meaningful relationships. They may be reminded of their birth injury every time they look in the mirror, and this can be especially problematic for modern children in the age of social media.

Cognitive Issues

Brain injuries are also relatively common birth injuries, and they can cause serious cognitive problems for the rest of the child’s life. Brain injuries are also associated with motor control issues, depression, dementia, and a range of mental health issues. A head injury can become steadily worse over time, and it may require ongoing treatment.

Reduced Earning Capacity

As a result of birth injuries, adults may struggle to gain meaningful employment. Unable to provide for themselves, they may rely on sparse support from the government and limited resources for the foreseeable future. This can often spiral into additional issues, such as drug addiction and criminal activities.

Facing a lifetime of reduced earning capacity, families often rely on birth injury settlements to help ensure financial stability for victims. With no way to earn a living, settlements might represent the only real source of income going forward.

Continuing Medical Needs

A birth injury may require ongoing treatment for the rest of the child’s life. Reconstructive surgery may help address disfiguring injuries – although positive results are far from guaranteed. A child might also need rehabilitative treatment due to brain injuries, fractured limbs, and many other ailments.

The cost of this treatment may prove to be a considerable burden for families in Grand Rapids. Ultimately, many families must eventually end attempts to treat birth injuries due to financial limitations. This is one of the main reasons to file a birth injury lawsuit, as the resulting compensation can help ensure continuing access to reliable medical treatment for the foreseeable future.

Mental Health Problems

Many victims of birth injuries also face mental health issues for the rest of their lives. It may be difficult for these victims to accept that they never truly had a chance of living a normal life and that they were injured from the very beginning. Victims of birth injuries often struggle with issues like depression, anxiety, and even suicidal ideations. This is true even if the injury did not directly affect the brain.

Can I File a Birth Injury Lawsuit in Grand Rapids?

If a birth injury has affected you or someone you love, it may be worth exploring your options for legal action. Doctors, nurses, and health care providers may be responsible for your birth injury due to some form of negligence. They might assure you that it was not their fault, but they may be misrepresenting the facts.

To approach this difficult subject with clarity, it often helps to work alongside a qualified, experienced injury attorney. These legal professionals can investigate your situation in detail and determine any potential signs of negligence.

Find a Qualified Birth Injury Lawyer in Grand Rapids

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