The Reasons Why You Will Never See Verdict Amounts on our Website

At Hoffer & Sheremet, we never post verdict amounts on our website after winning a medical or legal malpractice case because we do not want to risk misleading our clients.  No two cases are the same.  There are so many factors that go into a verdict, not to mention that verdicts are usually reduced by the Court significantly.  The numbers on websites can be illusions.  Not to mention, we view the actual number the client’s victory, not ours, and our clients are entitled to their privacy.

The individuals involved, the facts surrounding the medical malpractice or legal malpractice, the severity of the injury, the legal hurdles, the county in which the case is filed and the jury pool will be different in every case and will affect the outcome.  Comparing your case to a verdict published by an attorney may lead you to have expectations that are not reasonable given your case.  For example, you may see that an individual received one million dollars for a bowel perforation resulting in sepsis and think, “I suffered a bowel perforation resulting in sepsis … I should be compensated one million dollars.” Similar facts does not necessarily mean a similar award.  Even one factual difference can change everything.  For example, the individual awarded one million dollars may have been deemed permanently disabled from a six-figure career when you might have been out of work from a lower paying job for only six months.  This one difference would result in a vastly different award.  Read about how we value cases on our FAQ page. 

At Hoffer & Sheremet, we recognize and treat every case as unique.  Because of that individual focus, we are able to present the best damages theory for your particular case.

Hoffer & Sheremet Puts Clients First

High verdicts come from cases where the economic damages are very high.  That means that our client has suffered a tremendous loss, whether it is a traumatic birth injury in a medical malpractice case, or the loss of a high damages case because of legal malpractice.  Economic damages are not designed to make people rich.  Instead, economic damages compensate for economic loss.  We always put our clients and their interests first.  If that means settling before trial, then that is what we do.  And when we recommend trial over pre-suit settlement, we never want our clients to think we are doing so to get a verdict for our website.

The Amount of Reasonable Damages Can Change Throughout Litigation

Both medical malpractice litigation and legal malpractice litigation can be like riding a roller coaster.  There are ups and downs.  

In some situations, what may be reasonable when the case is first assessed may change considerably depending on what happens during litigation.  For example, the win or loss of a motion, the strength or weakness of the parties’ and witnesses’ deposition testimony, or a change in the client’s health are situations that would impact the demand.   

Having reasonable expectations at the beginning of your relationship with your attorney will help your case tremendously.  Having unreasonable expectations will erode the trust relationship between you and your attorney and hinder your case.  At Hoffer & Sheremet, we pride ourselves on thoroughly and objectively assessing our clients’ cases at every stage, from initial consultation through trial, so that our clients understand what a reasonable award is to pursue based on their unique case.   

We would be happy to give you an initial opinion on the reasonable value of your case.  Contact us today for a free consultation:, or complete our contact form.