Traverse City Chiropractor Brian Chandler Arrested for Sexual Assault

Brian Chandler, a Traverse City chiropractor has been arrested on two felony counts of criminal sexual conduct in the fourth degree. The victim, his patient, filed a report in September, which was investigated by police and resulted in his arrest. There very well may be other victims.

Healthcare providers are placed in a position of ultimate trust. When they breach that trust and perform unnecessary touching of a women’s body with no medical purpose, there can be criminal, administrative and civil repercussions. Criminal penalties can include prison. Administrative penalties can include the healthcare provider having their license suspended or revoked. Civil lawsuits result in money compensation. Inappropriate touching by healthcare providers against their patients is becoming far too common. (Our law firm is currently handling numerous cases against former urogynecologist Husam Abed.)

We are currently investigating civil claims against Defendant Chandler. If you are a victim, please contact us as soon as possible. There are deadlines for filing civil lawsuits. Call Keely at 616.278.0888 or fill out our case review form.