Legal Help for Women

Sometimes, women clients need women attorneys. Hoffer & Sheremet is one of the only fully female-owned and operated medical and legal malpractice law firms in West Michigan. When dealing with sensitive medical malpractice issues such as obstetric and gynecological procedures, urological procedures, pregnancy, childbirth, birth injuries, and other injuries to your children, another woman can truly understand what you are going through. Many women prefer another woman as an attorney when something has happened to their spouse, parent, or child, too.

​As moms we also understand the practicalities of your life.

We also have special training pertaining to women and children who have experienced trauma, injury, and victimization. That allows us to have an understanding and compassion unique in the industry. 

women effect – quality, honesty, success, fairness

If you have been the victim of medical or legal malpractice, contact us today. No appointment is necessary for an initial phone consultation. 616.278.0888.

Hoffer & Sheremet, PLC, as a female owned and operated business, is proud to offer legal help for women and support Women In Successful Enterprises.

Hoffer & Sheremet, PLC, is a medical and legal malpractice law firm. Our attorneys accept cases throughout the State of Michigan.

This site is informational only. It does not provide legal advice for your matter. Hoffer & Sheremet only begins an attorney-client relationship with the signing of an engagement letter.