Medical and Legal Malpractice in Traverse City / Grand Traverse County

Hoffer & Sheremet is the only law firm to have won a medical malpractice trial in Traverse City since 1997.

Traverse City, located in Grand Traverse County, is part of the 13th Circuit, which includes Antrim and Leelanau Counties.  The judges of the 13th Circuit literally still “ride the circuit,” travelling from Courthouse to Courthouse in each county.

The 13th Circuit has two judges.  Judge Power, who is renowned for keeping cases on track, and Judge Elsenheimer, who was appointed to the bench in 2017.

Because the 13th Circuit is small, in our medical malpractice cases, we generally work with the same defense attorneys on each case.  Happily, we work well together.  Litigation goes much better and faster for our clients when we are able to focus on the merits of the case instead of silly bickering that does not serve a benefit for our clients.  And at Hoffer & Sheremet, we always maintain a client-centered philosophy.