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Small enough to care. Smart enough to make a difference.

If you have already compared our website to that of other firms, you already know that we are different. Here’s how:

Boutique Medical Malpractice Law Firm

Expert in the Medicine. Experts in the Law. The focus of our practice is very narrow: medical malpractice. Even the appeals we take generally arise out of medical malpractice cases. Keeping our focus narrow allows us to truly be and stay experts in the law and experts in the medicine. Although we accept other types of cases to help victims of severe injuries have their best chance of success, we choose to keep our firm and our focus small. 

Focusing on medical negligence allows us to hone our trial strategy and know what jurors want to hear in a medical malpractice trial. We are able to win medical malpractice cases in the toughest venues in Michigan, where other attorneys can’t.

Small Firm Personalization – Individualized Case Focus

We take a limited number of medical malpractice cases each year and intensely focus on those cases. This allows us to stay small and offer personalized representation to each of our clients. This personalized, individual attention allows us to determine the best strategy for each particular case.

Unlike larger firms, you know the attorneys who are working on your professional negligence case. When you retain Hoffer & Sheremet, you get Hoffer and you get Sheremet, as well a paralegal dedicated to your case.

You and your case are treated as individuals. You are never just a “matter number” to us. Instead, you have a one-on-one relationship with your attorneys. 

We are also more accessible to our clients. Because we only maintain a few cases in litigation at a time, when you call us, we answer.

Innovative Medical and Legal Malpractice Attorneys

Hoffer & Sheremet attorneys are innovative. We look at each medical malpractice case from a fresh perspective while capitalizing on our expertise and experience. We create new legal arguments and theories when needed, but we also know what works.

We are leaders – not followers. We take an active role in changing and developing medical professional negligence law and procedure to benefit our clients. Through our appellate practice, we take cases to shape the law in medical malpractice.


At Hoffer & Sheremet, we are confident in our work. Because of that, we offer complete transparency to our clients. Our clients are continually updated about the status of their cases. They know what we are doing and why we are doing it. As you probably know if you visited our Learning Center, we seek to educate our clients and the general public – we don’t think the law should be a secret. 

Teamwork and Collaboration

Stephanie Hoffer and Aubri Sheremet, medical and legal malpractice attorneys in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

At Hoffer & Sheremet, we collaborate as a team on every single case. Two heads are always better than one – and 4 are better than 2! Whether we are in our War Room prepping for trial or mapping out our an initial discovery plan, we take the time to analyze and strategize every step of the litigation as a team.

We set up our office space to encourage and enhance collaboration with all members of our team. Neither staff nor attorneys are closed off in offices. We have a large open work space, and there is always someone to bounce an idea off of. 

State of the Art Efficiency

We think the days of attorneys hiding in 10th floor offices surrounded by files that are shuttled in and out by their secretaries should be over. We embrace technology to the benefit of our clients. Our office is predominantly paperless. Your private and confidential information is securely stored on our servers.

Our technology also allows us to keep costs down so at the end of the day, you are able to keep more of your settlement or judgment. (See our explanation of cost responsibility above.) Did you know that at other firms, you will be charged for photocopies of your medical records that will be mailed to experts as well as the postage fee that can add up to thousands of dollars? Not at Hoffer & Sheremet. Because we maintain your records electronically, we share them with your expert witnesses over a secure connection. No photocopies; no mailing. And this is just one example.

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